It is no secret that there are a number of different website platforms to choose from. With many to choose from, it can make it confusing as to which one to use. You jump online and they say how great they are and what they can do for your business, so obviously choosing any of them will be fine right? Well not quite. Although the different platforms have different features, there is one that I believe stands out above the rest. That platform is WordPress. WordPress is a CMS platform that gives many features, benefits and helps you to display your website in a way that stands out from the rest. So why choose WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform
When you decide to use WordPress for your website, the platform itself is free. You will still need to purchase hosting for your website and purchase a domain if you want a custom domain. However, as these are separate from the platform, you can shop around for the best service and price. Platforms such as Shopify have the hosting built into the website and you are not able to choose your own. By having them separate from each other, it means you have control over much more of your website. 

WordPress also has a large library of free themes and plugins that you can add to your website to change the design and functionality of it. 

It is a simple to use platform
Many people will look at WordPress and assume straight away that it is a platform that is only for designers and coders to use. However, this is not the case. WordPress is a very simple platform to use. You have access to everything you need through your dashboard and you can make changes as you see fit. 

There are a number of different themes to choose from, many of which have drag and drop options making the design and editing process even simpler. 

You can make it your own
Another benefit of WordPress is the vast number of themes and design options that there is to choose from. Having thousands of themes to choose from, which are also easily editable means that you can make your site unique to you and your business. Whether you are creating it yourself or having someone create it for you, there are endless options on how to make it look. Once your designer has finished creating your website for you, changes can easily be made through your dashboard by yourself with ease. 

The functionality
Another plus for WordPress is the functionality that it can bring to a website. No matter what type of website you need for your business, it can be created in WordPress. Plugins are a great way to adapt your website to your needs and have the functionality that you require. If you are selling physical products and need a storefront, this can easily be done through the WooCommerce plugin. There are also plugins that make setting up online memberships, calendars and booking systems a breeze. 

WordPress also supports multimedia, which makes embedding videos, podcasts and slideshows to your website quick and easy.

WordPress knows security
We all know how important it is to have a secure website, especially if you are taking payments or client details. WordPress offers automatic updates to their software so that you are not left having to remember when the next update is due. 

There are also great security and anti-spam plugins that you can add to your website to help make it more secure. You will need to manually update your plugins and themes, however, it is a simple task of clicking a box and off they go. You will have a notification on your dashboard for when updates on these are due. 

WordPress is a platform that has been created to help businesses, of all sizes. Whether you are a small personal blogger needing a website or a large retail store that requires the functionality of online selling. It can all be done through WordPress, without stress or hassle. 

To find out more about WordPress and how we can help create a site that ticks all your boxes, get in touch today.