When you are looking at your online marketing plan, there are a number of different elements that make it successful. Many people think that because they have social media accounts for their businesses, then that is all that they need. However social media only makes up one part of your online presence. It is important that you are looking at the whole picture, which includes having a website for your business. A website is a crucial part of your online business profile and it should say a lot about your business and your position within your industry. Let’s take a look at why you need a website, even though you have social media accounts. 

 Social media can be volatile
Even though your business social media account has been set up by you, in your account – it does not mean that it is yours. There is always the risk of social media platforms disappearing or going down for periods of time. Which we have seen a few times recently with Facebook and Instagram. If all of your traffic, followers and information about your business is through social media, you risk losing all of that without notice. By having your own website created and live on the internet, it means that your potential customers and clients are still able to find you. There are also many people who do not use social media, so without a website you are not able to connect with them at all. 

 A website can say a lot about your business
Your social media accounts are a great place to share updates, interact with your followers and provide small snippets of information. Social media is great for real-time and in the moment information. Whereas your website is where the bulk of your business and information will be. Your website will have the space to share the story behind your business and why you are doing what you are doing. It is a place where you can share blogs to provide your readers with valuable information. A place where you can list the products or services that you have on offer. 

A website is a platform that brings with it more than just sharing an update or two. 

 A website shows your professionalism
By having a website for your business, it helps to show the level of professionalism that your business has. Not only does it show this to your potential customers and clients but also to others in the industry. 

If you are in an industry where there is a lot of competition, then a website can help to tell you apart from the others. It can help to cement your position in the industry as one of the leaders and a business that others look up to and respect. 

A website is a way to show those around you that you mean business and are ready to grow and exceed. 

It gives you additional marketing streams
Another benefit of having a website is that you can use your website as a way to build your email marketing list. By having a pop up on your website that gives people the option to sign up to your email list, it means that you are able to keep in contact with your customers and potential customers with a quick email newsletter or offer sent directly to their inbox. Email marketing is a great tool that all businesses should be utilising. It keeps your business fresh in their minds for when they are ready to purchase the particular product or service that you are selling. 

A website is more than just a page with a bit of information on it. A website is a way to show your customers who you are, what you are about and what you have on offer. It is a way to show your competitors that you are a leader in your industry and that you are ready to grow your business and your position.

If you do not yet have a website, now is the time to start planning one. Social media is a great tool to have at your disposal, but it is not an entire marketing plan. You need to look at all aspects of the online world and include them in your plan.