Project : visual identity | business stationery | website (coming soon)

Client : Gold Coast Foodie

gold coast foodie business cards

Having worked as a coffee writer for Blank Gold Coast since 2012, Catherine started Gold Coast Foodie to show off her borderline terrible (her words, not mine!) iPhone 6 photos of the food and drinks she consumed in her travels. As her online popularity grew, Catherine invested in professional photography equipment and expanded the Gold Coast Foodie brand to include national and international collaborations. With years of experience now behind her, Catherine’s photos are a visual smorgasbord that showcase the very best the Gold Coast food scene has to offer.

Catherine approached me originally to create a visual identity that would help her create an authority with her brand in the online space. We have been working together for a number of years on various brand pieces as they arise. We are currently working together on a website that will house her photography and food articles.

Gold Coast Foodie Logos on mobile phones
gold coast foodie website